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Trampolines Bring Out the Fun In Every Kid And Adult.

Our Landmark Medalist Trampolines are USA made, with USA Steel, by USA Employees.

Our Avyna Pro-line Trampolines are designed in the Netherlands.  For many years they have been the finest trampolines available in Europe.  Now available in the USA.

All of Our Trampolines are the Highest Quality Backyard Trampolines on the market.


Our Landmark Trampolines are made in the USA by American Employees using American Steel.  Our Avyna Trampolines are designed in the Netherlands and are now available in the USA.

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Our Trampolines are easy and simple to install. Your Bound Around Sports Team is always here to help! Learn more about our installation instructions.

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Sometimes a part needs replacing and sometimes a part may be missing (kids are very inventive!). Of course we have parts! How may we help you? Learn more on our parts page.

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We carry all four sizes of Landmark Trampolines. The trampoline enclosure is available on the 14’ Medalist. Choose the size that’s best for your needs. Need Help? Call Bound Around Sports.


You can be assured that we never cut corners and never sacrifice safety. Bound Around Sports is proud to provide the highest quality trampolines.


Bound Around Sports believes in customer service! We offer loads of advice on sizes, installation, parts, warranties and safety.


There is a HUGE difference between our trampolines and trampolines that are purchased in a cardboard box either online or at a checkout counter in a department store.

While there are many competitors in the trampoline market, when it comes to safety and quality there is one, clear-cut choice when it comes to buying a backyard trampoline and that is Bound Around Sports. We care deeply about the safety of the children and adults who use our products, as well as quality engineering and Made in America manufacturing.


When it comes to safety, quality and let’s call it “bounce-ability” our at Bound Around Sports are head and shoulders above the rest. We care deeply about the safety of the children and adults who use our products. We stubbornly stick to quality and to safety when other firms cut corners. We would never provide a product that is anything less than the very best.


We are always pleased to talk to about these wonderful products. Contact us for more information!

14′ Pro-line In-Ground Trampoline by Avyna.  This top selling trampoline in Europe and is now available in North America!  If you are looking for quality, safety, beauty and a hopped-up rebound, AND you want to bury it underground, then this is what you are shopping for!  Avyna offers a LIFETIME warranty on the frame!

14' Pro-Line In-Ground


This is the trampoline that Landmark started with back in 1985, and it is the most popular size we sell.  The 14 ft. Medalist trampoline offers the best rebound of any recreational trampoline built and is second to none for durability, warranty and weight limit.

14 ft. Medalist trampoline


Are you in the mood for an aggressive workout? Maybe you are just going to trim up your calves. Try exercising on one of these Landmark Aerobic Trampolines. These can be used indoors or outdoors. Although this trampoline is not designed for aggressive high jumping, it provides the perfect platform for a thorough workout.

8 Ft. Aerobic Trampoline

8 ft Aerobic Trampoline

If space is an issue then the 12 ft Medalist may be for you.  This trampoline fits into a smaller area than our more popular 14 ft Medalist, but because of the quality materials and design, it provides an excellent rebound.

12 Ft. Medalist Trampoline


If jumping area is what you are looking for then our 16 Ft Medalist trampoline will fit the bill.  You wont get as good of a rebound as our 14 Ft Medalist because we add more springs and put more pre-stress in the springs so the jumper does not bottom out.  The quality is the same as our other trampolines giving years of fun.

16 ft. Medalist trampoline

The Landmark Enclosure is designed to fit only the 14 ft. Medalist Trampoline.  Quality was at the top of the list when this enclosure was designed.

Landmark Enclosure